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Frequently Asked Questions...?

Why hire an NAPO organizer?
Professional Organizers help individuals and businesses to accomplish more at work and at home, meet important deadlines, find things faster, gain control of your surroundings, reduce clutter, improve quality of life and to create streamlined processes order to live a happier, less stressful life. (From NAPO-New England website)

How does it work?
I offer initial free telephone consultation and then set up an in person meeting.  Sometimes the first conversation will be quick and other times it will take place over a series of communications.  I will then come to your home and have a meeting to do an assessment and create a plan.  These first meetings usually take between  30 minutes and an hour.

Will there be homework?
This is up to you. I can provide as much direction after meeting and between meetings as you would like. 

Do I need to throw lots away in order to be organized?
This will depend on how much you have and why you are keeping it.  The key is not how neat things are – really the issue is about how well you are functioning.

If I read a book about getting organized, won’t that be enough?
It is a great beginning but implementation is just as important.

How long will it take?
Some work gets done in one session.  Others take more time.  This will depend on a number of variables that we can talk about on the phone.   I am available to do the work independently or with you all along the way.  The right plan will be what works best for you.

My partner/officemate is the one who is not organized – can we work on their stuff?
We can only work on your stuff.  For example if your husband has an office that is driving you crazy, we can not work on that.  However, we could work on the kitchen that you both use…

After we get this place organized, will you help me to maintain it?
I can work with you on developing systems that you can maintain and/or continue to work with you over time to maintain organization.

Do I need to buy anything to get organized?

What should I do before we meet?
Relax.  Try to get clear about what you really want in our work together.  Don’t beat up on yourself…it is not helpful to the process.  It is great that you let yourself ask for what you needed.

How long is a typical visit?
Two-four hours

Privacy and Confidentiality?
Everything that happens in our meetings is private and confidential.  I will not ever discuss you or any of your business with anyone unless you give me permission to do so.

I charge per hour.   I will give you my EIN so that you can keep accurate records for tax purposes.

I must have 48 hour cancellation in order to not charge you for the scheduled time unless you are in an unforeseen emergency.  I will not throw anything of yours away without you first reviewing it.  I expect payment on the day of service.


Frequently Asked Questions



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