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Jan, 2010

Tax Time Tips

Happy 2010! A new year, resolutions, snow, wonderful light, and taxes!

I love tax prep -its this big puzzle with all these neat formulas and opportunities to save some money. I even had the good fortune of working for H and R Block at one time.

This issue is devoted to both provide some education about what you need and do not need to keep in your files and to give you some deductions to make sure not to miss.

Wishing you good health and happiness in your new year (wealth would be ok, too!)

Best regards,
Debby Fenn, CPO®

In This Issue

What To Keep In Your Files

  1. Tax returns from and including 2002.
  2. Current insurance policies - health, life. auto, etc.
  3. Receipts for all charitable donations.
  4. A list of your passwords (disguise it in some way).
  5. Any bills that are related to your role as a landlord or for taz purposes.
  6. Some memorabilia that you don't want to let go of.
  7. Your will.

Shred everything that has sensitive info on it - I can help you with that at low cost.

This list is a guideline - please ask me about other things if you have questions.

Tax Deductions Not to Miss

  1. $.55/mile for business related driving.
  2. State, local and excise tax on new vehicles bought after 2/16/09.
  3. Charitable contributions as well as those that were charged or came in the
    forms of clothing, autos, furniture or household goods- a receipt is needed.
  4. A percentage of the points paid on refinancing.
  5. Education tax credit.
  6. Adoption tax credit.
  7. Health Insurance premiums for the self employed.
  8. Energy saving home improvement tax credits.
  9. Tax planning and investment expenses

I am here to help you organize your stuff and yourself as well as to shred you stuff. Call me at anytime or drop me an email and....

Remember...Less Mes = Less Stress - Away It Goes!

Debby Fenn CPO®, LICSW



Debby Fenn - Founder of Away It Goes

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