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April, 2008

Organizing to Reduce Stress

Happy Spring!

With all of the trees budding and bulbs coming up, it can be a very energizing time of year.  Many of you tell me that it is so exciting to get a handle on some of the organizing projects in your homes.  As well, there is also a tendency to feel overwhelmed with how much there is to do.
Hard to remember, but one step at a time!  Sometimes multitasking just creates more havoc.  If you are feeling that taking good care of yourself would be a great thing to do, go for it.

Reducing your stress, that's is my focus this month.
Thanks for making the time to read my tips!

Best to you,

In This Issue

The Power of Organizing to Reduce Your Stress

When we look at the same things over and over that need to be put away or filed or thrown out, it gets wearing.

When we waste 20 minutes looking for our cellphone or keys or a recipe because it is not in a predictable place it can be annoying

When we want to get all those donations to people who really need them but we can't   get the stuff  into boxes we can feel tired.

When we look at the piles around us and can not imagine how we can reduce the clutter and how we even got so much,  we can feel ashamed.

Clutter causes stress.  Stress causes anxiety.  When we are anxious we are not functioning at our best!

No need to add all this negative self talk to your burden, no need to handle it alone... 

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Some Special Places and People

My feeling is - work hard, play hard, and take good care of yourself. 

After you have attended to reducing the clutter in your life, consider these options to helpyou feel good...

If your body needs some healing...

Thanks for looking at my newsletter.  I would like to answer your questions - finding a solution to an organizing problem and/or locating a resource.  Information sharing is so great.  When you write or call, I will be in touch within 24 hour
Debby Fenn



Debby Fenn - Founder of Away It Goes

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