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February, 2008

Recycling and Donating

The cold February weather and all that snow sure seemed to give you a chance to work on organizing your mail!  I heard from many of you that Tips for Mail was useful.  Great!  If you were not able to read it or need a refresher, you will now find issues of all newsletters on my website.

My focus this month is on what to do with some of the other unwanted stuff you find in your way.  Sorting and purging are the first steps in getting yourself organized.

Less than a month till Spring!


In This Issue

How to Decide What to Keep

If you love it - keep it.  It does not matter what your friend or your spouse or you kids have to say.  We all have very different reasons for holding on.
Some other thoughts:

  1. Have you worn it in the past year?
  2. Do you have many more of the same thing?
  3. Did you get it from someone who would be offended  if you gave it away?
  4. Is it stained or ruined in a way that can not be 
  5. Do you use it?  (in the kitchen or office...etc)
  6. Do you really want it out of your house but get
    overwhelmed knowing where to start with all of the
    clothes, and books, and baking pans and toys?

It is important to really know what you want to keep and what you actually are having trouble parting with because you haven't had the time or motivation to do it.

Call Away It Goes - I am not overwhelmed with any of your stuff!  (617-913-0734)

Throw away...Give away...or Recycle?

I am very much into recycling - thus, the name, Away It  Goes.  You can give back to the world by passing on your things, no matter what they are. Too much of what people currently throw away can be used again or recycled
Some great resources:

Your town recycling department  - usually through the Dept of Public Works

1 800 Got Junk
They will take anything that needs to  be thrown away.   Additionally, they can bring it to be donated as well.

Got Books
They will pick up books, CDS, videos, and DVDs.

Cradles to Crayons
They accept childrens' clothing and toys. 

Give and get free donations.

Earth 911
Recycle or find out where to donate anything.

Thanks for looking at my newsletter.  I would like to answer your questions - finding a solution to an organizing problem and/or locating a resource.  Information sharing is so great.  When you write or call, I will be in touch within 24 hours.
Debby Fenn



Debby Fenn - Founder of Away It Goes

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