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September, 2008

New Pencils, Ideas, and Paths to take....

The Fall - A Time to Begin Again...
Make Changes Inside and Out with
'Away It Goes'

Many of you are new to my ezine!  Welcome!
Fall is so full - it's back to school (endless forms), back to work after summer holidays (some needed procrastination), and often, a time to begin a new path. 

For many this is the season of the Harvest and this is the season of the Jewish New Year. 

What an opportunity you have - you can take some of the frustration and stress you experience and say goodbye to it.  Now is a time to develop new habits, new systems, and mostly,  a time to give yourself a break in a new way.

My mission is to help you function more effectively - when you are organized you will be less stressed and able to mange your life a whole lot better.

One step at a time - one pile, one paper, one thing at a time.  Organizing is not so hard - the biggest challenge is beginning.   Give me a call - we can talk for free and figure out a plan. 

You can reach me at 617 484 1269 or email me at

Talk to you soon -

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Enjoy the Fall - it is beautiful here in New England.  Keep my motto in mind...Less Mess -Less Stress - Away It Goes!

Debby Fenn



Debby Fenn - Founder of Away It Goes

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