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Nov, 2009

Give Yourself Some Extra
Time This Month

You might be saying to yourself, "OK, this is the most crazy and stressful time of the year, how am I going to possibly get more time out of nowhere?"

This issue will give you some practical things to do this month so you can enjoy this special and fun time of lights and cheer.

Need a great and unique gift idea? How about a gift certificate from Away It Goes? Your recipient can use these services to organize a space, organize information, shred, recycle, donate unwanted goods, create a plan to manage their time more effectively, and more. Who would not welcome that?

Best regards,
Debby Fenn, CPO®

In This Issue

Lists that Work

One of my best finds this year was List Planit. No matter what kind of daunting task is facing you, you will be able to create a list that can enable you to deal with it. Giving yourself a chance to just look at the website is a step in the right direction...when you get the concerns out of your head and onto paper they can become much more manageable.

Shredding, Donating and Getting Tax Benefits

Use Away It Goes to take care of your shredding, organize your space for your holiday gatherings, take your donations away, and just manage those tasks you were hoping to take care of before the end of 2009. Our wish is for you to enjoy this time of year! So many folks are in need of things that you just having lying around and want to get rid of.

Keep my motto in mind...Less Mess -Less Stress - Away It Goes!

Debby Fenn



Debby Fenn - Founder of Away It Goes

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