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Sept, 2009

Services Now Available

During our recent shredathon we shredded 3000 pounds of paper that were then recycled - we beat our record from last Fall by saving 19 trees!

It is clear that you all value this service; we sent out a survey in June and at least half of you indicated that you would be interested in ongoing shredding services. So here it is! We have affiliated with Shred It-Boston and will offer you security, availability and an inexpensive means to achieve your objectives. See below for more info.

It is a busy time in the world of Away It Goes. I became a Certified Professional Organizer in June, 2009 and have been involved in numerous projects and speaking engagements.

I am available for questions at any time. Send an email or call me at 617 484 1269.

Best regards,
Debby Fenn, CPO®

In This Issue

Shredding Services

I have two locked consoles in my home office that have large blue bags in them. Papers are put into the console through the top where there is a slot. All papers that are put into the consoles can not be retrieved once they are put inside. A Shred It Associate will come to my office ever 4 weeks, open the console with a key, take the bag out of the console, walk to the shredding truck and immediately shred all material in the bag. The cost for you will be dependent on the amount of material you need shredded. In general - the fees are as follows: $10 per paper grocery bag, $20 per box. You can dispose the material yourself or I can pick it up. The fee for picking it up can be negotiated. The next date for Shred It to come to my office is September 30th.

Book Donations

Two great resources for donations of books are Hands Across The Water and More Than Words. Check out their websites and you will find that these are wonderful organiztions. At the same time you can make a meaningful donation and get a tax deduction - what a win win!

Keep my motto in mind...Less Mess -Less Stress - Away It Goes!

Debby Fenn



Debby Fenn - Founder of Away It Goes

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